Common Car Issues and Their Solutions

Big or small breakdowns are going to happen whenever you least expect it, no matter how thorough you are when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. You may panic and ask yourself what is wrong with your car whenever these random issues occur.

Fortunately, we are here to help you. We’ve created a list of symptoms and signs that will help you identify the most common vehicle issues. Also, before you contact a 24 hour flatbed towing in Burlington ON, we will also provide tips on how to solve these issues.

Poor Gas Mileage

You’ll likely have to examine several things if your vehicle is using more fuel unlike before. Poor gas mileage is an obvious indication that your air filters and fuel filters require replacement. In addition to that, since spark plugs are accountable for igniting combustion in the engine, spark plugs play a huge part in fuel economy. You should examine the pressure of the tire if all of the above components are properly working. Your cost per mile should lower if you perform routine maintenance and replace the required components.

Oil Leaks

As its lifeblood, a modern vehicle relies on high-quality oil. It is vital for keeping your car running efficiently and smoothly. One of the worsts things you could do for your vehicle is delaying your oil changes. It could cause a lot of engine damages in a short period. You have to ensure you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and accordingly replace the oil. But, the oil light on your dashboard may often light up sooner than expected. You are likely having a type of oil leak if this happens to you. It is highly recommended that you stop the car and examine the oil levels under the hood. You can also check the pavement underneath your vehicle and search for dark oil stains if it is parked. During your next oil change, you have to ensure you replace the oil filter of your vehicle to avoid this issue.

Brake Fluid

You will want to examine the brake fluid too, in addition to checking your brake pads. The brake fluid of a vehicle is one of the most ignored car issues and something car owners totally forget about. Because of that, they are compromising their safety while driving. To ensure your car will properly brake, you have to flush and replace the brake fluid of your car every 2 years, according to manufacturers.

Brake Pad Wear

Having completely operational brakes that could stop your vehicle at any given time is one of the most vital safety precautions. You can easily examine your brake pad without doing a lot of things if you are concerned about the condition of your brakes but the indicator on your dashboard isn’t lighting up. Check the brake pads visually and examine how thick your brake pads are. It is time to replace them if they appear extremely thin. It is recommended that you visit a professional mechanic instead of doing it yourself.

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